This sailing simulator applies actual physics to simulate the behavior of a boat. This means you can actually capsize or sink a boat if you are not careful. In some cases the sailing simulator can even reproduce unpredictable results based on your actions, selected parameters and conditions. The simulator was developed by a fellow sailor and a Live-Aboard who loves the sea and everything related to it. As such, many things included in the simulator have been taken from real life experiences.

Although by no means this should be considered as an exact replication of the actual sailing process, it does provide things you shall encounter when you step on any boat. If learning is not your thing, it is very addictive to just play with a sailboat and physics applied to it when the wind is howling outside and you have nothing better to do.

Some controls and reactions of the sailing vessels in this simulator have been set intentionally in an awkward way and not as a typical Sailing Game would do it. This is done to try and replicate what you shall encounter when controlling a sailboat by yourself.

I have many ideas and additions I would like to make to this simulator so if you like its direction, spread the word as I develop it under way or in a marina whenever my batteries are charged from solar or the engine.

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